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APA is an Association that supports Practical Accounts Training in a classroom environment. To achieve this we have identified the Required Skills at Work, Designed a Curriculum and Syllabuses, Generated Guidance Notes, Practice Documents, Examinations, plus the Certification of Competence.


Currently we have 4 courses; Manual Bookkeeping Diploma, Diploma in Practical Bookkeeping, Professional Bookkeeper's Diploma,  and the Financial Accounting Technician.


APA was created by chartered accountants, who are passionate about disseminating Practical   Accounting Procedures. This was prompted by the Limited Training Resources at Work, where Practical Accounts is conventionally learnt.


We are a company limited by guarantee, number 07728542, incorporated in the UK.


The newly qualified in bookkeeping and accounting are not able to deliver at work. The idea of learning at work is only accessible to a few. Many finalists are not offered jobs since employers prefer those with the practical know how.


APA aims to narrow the gap between what is taught on many courses, and the  skills required at work. Its difficult to justify the size of the gap, in the 21st Century. The finalists should have the relevant technical skills for the work place. This is desired by employers, governments, parents, educators, the learners and everyone.


Modern procedures have been modified to save time, overcome weaknesses, adjust to tax report layouts, and are software based. Most bookkeeping and accounting courses have not been modified. Our research found that its not only lack of practical experience, but what is taught falls short in the areas of completeness, efficiency, tax compliance, software orientation, plus documents practice.

Our exclusive features...

1. Extensive Practicals covering Manual, Software, and Excel Formatting.


2. Spreadsheet Programming is inclusive. They learn to create Excel Templates where Reports are Auto-generated.


3. Bookkeeping is a foundation, yet bypassed by many courses.


4. The Theory is a Procedure Guide to Complete, Efficient, and Tax Compliant Practices used by Accounting Firms.



We know how to keep a right balance between practical and class room training
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